Centralia celebrates homecoming in Tiger tradition

Seniors win bragging rights

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Centralia celebrates homecoming in Tiger tradition

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Homecoming week is a time when almost all those attending CHS finally unite together. The spirited celebration started on Oct. 8 and ended on Oct. 14 with the home football game. Students went all out, painting their faces, their bodies and wearing special colors and outfits to display their spirit.

To start off the week was ‘Merica Monday, in which students wore anything so that they could earn the points. Some even brought the American flag to wear  as a cape.

The second day was Twin Tuesday, and it was kind of  like a normal day, but some people went all-out matching anything and everything they could — hair , socks, pants, shirts, and even shoes.

The third day was Color Wars. Freshmen wore gray, sophomores wore orange, juniors wore white and seniors wore black. Later that night was the class competition, and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Class comps is when members of each class join at Tiger Stadium to compete against each other in a variety of challenges until there is a winner. When the dust settled, it was the seniors who earned the bragging rights.

The junior class won the group race, and the seniors took the tug-a-war. Controversy surrounded the ski race. Many argue that the juniors won, but the teachers say the seniors won. The juniors took the human needle, the seniors won the slip ‘n’ slide, sophomores won the class relay, while seniors tool the flipper race and the obstacle course.

The next day was theme day, and the seniors were astronauts, juniors dressed as professional athletes, sophomores were doctors and freshman were construction workers. In general the seniors won all of homecoming week, because they dressed up the most and they got first at class comps.

No school was held on Friday due to teacher training, but that evening Centralia played the Rochester Warriors at Tiger Stadium for the big game. One could tell that the players were trying as hard as they could. From touchdown after touchdown, the crowd screamed at their team to score, and when they did, they screamed even louder. You could really tell that people’s hearts were totally and completely in the game, and that CHS is a school that supports one another when it comes down to it. The Tigers emerged victorious after a long, hard fight with a score of 42-35.